Read Write Inc. Phonics eBook Library Subscription

Read Write Inc. Phonics eBook Library Subscription

A digital library tailored to the needs of international learners

This new eBook library subscription on Oxford Owl for School, Read Write Inc. Phonics core Storybooks plus selected non-fiction titles will be available as eBooks for the first time. The subscription also offers additional content and resources to support Read Write Inc. teaching in an international school.

Designed to support learning at home – whether that’s for consolidation or in a remote learning capacity – the annual subscription provides access to 130 eBooks. In addition, from Summer 2021, we’ll be adding independent phonics quizzes to provide extra practice and enable schools to track progress.

Included in the subscription, teachers can:

  • assign eBooks to individual children to ensure they read the level that’s right for them
  • assess student progress with grammar and comprehension tests
  • gain valuable tips and guidance to enhance Read Write Inc. Phonics teaching internationally
  • see how well children do in the quizzes and collect data on their performance
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Series contains:

  • 116 Read Write Inc. Phonics Core Storybooks - from Sound Blending through to Grey level
  • 14 Read Write Inc. Phonics non-fiction titles - from Green to Grey level
  • Additional assessment resources for virtual or in-class teaching and parent support in an international setting
  • Phonics practice quizzes and activities
  • Schools can still access the free Read Write Inc. eBook library on Oxford Owl for School, which contains 70 titles, plus 10 Ditty Sheets, for additional reading support at home.
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