Read Write Inc. Phonics

Read Write Inc. Phonics

Reading and writing right from the start

Read Write Inc. Phonics is for five-to seven-year-old children learning to read and write. It is a rigorous and dynamic teaching programme, proven to create fluent, enthusiastic readers, confident speakers and willing writers by the age of six or seven.

  • Effective classroom management strategies ensure quick progress for all
  • Includes lesson plans, easy-to-use assessment and linked professional development
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Series contains:

  • Easy to use Teaching Handbooks for Phonics, Speed Sounds and Writing
  • 100 lively, fully decodable storybooks and 35 non-fiction titles for further phonics practice
  • Matched Get Writing! books to develop writing from simple sentences to extensive texts
  • Cards, friezes, posters, magnetic sounds cards and word cards to support teaching
  • 14 Read Write Inc. stories as interactive CDROMS, with lively accompanying activities
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    Read Write Inc. Phonics case studies

    Paradigm Trust

    PSC success for trusts in areas of disadvantage

    Ark, DRET, Harris, Paradigm and other trusts talk about their success with Read Write Inc.

    Kalim's reading journey

    Watch Kalim's reading journey with Read Write Inc. Phonics.

    Grange Doncaster

    Grange Lane Infant Academy, Doncaster

    "Our children make progress in reading regardless of their background, language or SEND status"

    Paradigm Trust

    Paradigm Trust, East London and Ipswich

    "Ruth Miskin Training has made a significant contribution to the overall effectiveness of education scross the trust"

    Westgate Hill

    Westgate Hill Primary Academy, Newcastle Upon Tyne

    "I absolutely love RWI and wholeheartedly recommend this programme to any school."


    Read Write Inc. FAQs

    Answers to popular questions about Read Write Inc.