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Read Write Inc. Phonics

Get all your children reading and writing by six

Read Write Inc. Phonics is a comprehensive literacy programme designed to get all of your infants reading and writing quickly. Importantly, phonics is not taught in isolation.

  • Initial and on-going assessment tracks every child’s progress
  • Children are grouped by ability so they learn rapidly at the right level
  • Partner work means every child participates in the whole lesson
  • Our special ‘three reads’ approach ensures every child gains accuracy, fluency and a good understanding of the text

Comprehensive training is provided by Ruth Miskin Training.

Series contains:

  • Easy to use Teaching Handbooks for Phonics, Speed Sounds and Writing
  • 100 lively, fully decodable storybooks and 35 non-fiction titles for further phonics practice
  • Matched Get Writing! books to develop writing from simple sentences to extensive texts
  • Cards, friezes, posters, magnetic sounds cards and word cards to support teaching
  • A One-to-one Phonics Tutoring Kit- perfect for pupil premium
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Visit the Ruth Miskin Training website for full details of the training available for Read Write Inc. Phonics

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  • "The progress our children have made in the one year since we started the scheme has been phenomenal."

    Jill Mitchell, Shirenewton Primary School, Chepstow

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