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Support older struggling readers

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

Support older struggling readers

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start is a catch-up and intervention programme, with proven results, for 9-13 year olds still learning to read.

Developed by Ruth Miskin, it teaches pupils to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension, to spell correctly, and compose their ideas for writing step-by-step. Resources are age-appropriate, matched to pupils increasing knowledge of phonics and finely levelled to accelerate progress.

High quality training, provided by Ruth Miskin Training, supports teachers, teaching assistants or tutors to deliver Fresh Start in a primary or secondary school setting.

Fresh Start can be delivered flexibly, depending on the number of pupils who need it in your school, and the number of staff you have available to teach it. We can help you work out which is the best option for you, to ensure you can support the pupils in your school who need it the most.

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Explore the range of resources for Read Write Inc. Fresh Start, including finely levelled Modules supplemented by age-appropriate Anthologies.

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Find out more about Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

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