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Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

A phonics intervention for struggling readers in KS2 and KS3

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start, developed by Ruth Miskin, is a phonics intervention that gets your struggling readers and writers in key stage 2 at the expected level for secondary school. The programme can also be used to rescue struggling readers and writers in key stage 3.

  • Gets children reading and writing fluently in 33 lessons
  • Uses rigorous assessment so every child is taught at the right level
  • Engages older children with age-appropriate comic strips, quizzes, amusing stories and edgy non-fiction texts
  • Uses simple and effective spelling strategies to increase confidence when writing
  • An effective use of Pupil Premium and Deprivation Grant Funding

Series contains:

  • Easy to use Teacher's Handbook and Speed Sounds Handbook
  • 34 lively, fully age-appropriate Modules
  • 14 Anthologies build reading confidence
  • Cards, posters, magnetic sounds cards and green and red word cards to support teaching
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Visit the Ruth Miskin Training website for full details of the training available for Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

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  • "It's brilliant - Ofsted were over the moon! Confidence and self-esteem have really gone up and other teachers have noticed the difference."

    Julia Hepburn, Matthew Humberstone CE School, Cleethorpes

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