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Read Write Inc. Comprehension

An effective literacy programme which uses real books

Read Write Inc. Comprehension is for children aged 7–9 who are confident readers, and is designed to deepen their reading and extend their writing.

This inspiring programme uses all the proven techniques of Read Write Inc. to help children to become critical readers engaging with real texts.There is clear guidance for the teacher on improving children’s vocabulary, grammar, spelling and composition skills, helping children to develop written texts step-by-step, from building sentences to extended compositions. 

Children learn to evaluate and edit their writing and work effectively with a partner to really embed their learning, as well as extending their vocabulary through embedded speaking and listening activities.

Series contains:

  • A supportive Teacher Handbook
  • 30 lively weekly modules with activities linked to a wide range of texts to stimulate writing and discussion
  • 14 specially written texts with fantastic stories
  • 16 specially selected children’s books
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  • "The children's imagination takes off. They start to use sentences they would never have used before they did the Comprehension modules. Children loved the 'Vocabulary Catch' and the 'Fantastic Sentences'."

    Literacy Co-ordinator, Whetstone Field Primary Schools, Walsall

Oxford School Improvement