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Project X CODE

A reading intervention programme that’s proven to work

Project X CODE

A reading intervention programme that’s proven to work

Transform the lives of your struggling readers with this proven reading intervention programme. Project X CODE embeds synthetic phonics within a highly motivational character adventure series.   

  • This book-by-book reading intervention programme will transform the lives of struggling readers as they revisit phonics knowledge and build key reading and comprehension skills
  • A unique 2-text approach builds children's confidence (Text 1: 100% decodable) and keeps them motivated (Text 2: at least 80% decodable)
  • 14 entry and exit points mean that children can start and finish the reading intervention at a point that is right for them
  • Fully resourced with comprehensive lesson plans, easy-to-use assessment and progress tracking for maximum impact on reading
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Series contains:

  • 56 books across 14 exciting adventure zones
  • 2 Teaching and Assessment Handbooks with Practice and Assessment CD-ROM
  • Free launch story: Adventure Begins
  • eBook DVD
  • Free online professional development videos
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Essential support for SEND and struggling readers

Tips for struggling readers (video)

Di Hatchett, Maureen Lewis and Marilyn Joyce give tips on how to support struggling readers to make progress.

5 min 34 seconds

Strengthening children's phonic skills (video)

Marilyn Joyce talks about how additional systematic teaching can best support the needs of struggling readers.

5 min 6 seconds

Comprehension Strategies (video)

Maureen Lewis explains how to help children focus on understanding during reading.

5 min 56 seconds

Motivating children as readers (video)

Maureen Lewis talks about the importance of motivation when learning is hard.

5 min 11 seconds

Keeping track of progress (video)

Di Hatchett explains how to identify a child who may benefit from a reading intervention and how to monitor progress.

2 min 33 seconds

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