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Project X Origins

Effective guided reading starts here!

Project X Origins is a ground-breaking primary guided reading programme which has been updated to help you meet the requirements of the new curriculum:

  • Assess to progress - built with Ros Wilson's unique Reading Criterion Scale at its core, so you can easily monitor, assess and evidence every child's reading progress.
  • Brilliant supporting notes in every book, covering all the key reading skills so you can make the most of your guided teaching sessions.
  • Use Oxford Bookmatch to navigate the world of children's literature and find the perfect next book for every child.
  • Step-by-step 'before', 'during' and 'after' teaching support to make planning simple and help you clearly structure each session.
  • From heroes and villains to bugs and pets: engage all your kids with exciting character stories that they cant wait to read - making it easy for youto focus on teaching them the skills they need to make progress.
  • Follow-up work and independent activities are provided for every single title - helping you to challenge your children.
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Series contains:

  • 200 reading books
  • A Teaching Handbook with PCMs per school year
  • Comprehensive Guided/Group Reading notes for every book
  • Interactive stories software for the whole class, perfect for use on interactive whiteboards
  • Project X Handbook: Let's get Boys Reading and Writing: An Essential Guide to Raising Boys' Achievement
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