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Project X

Raising boys' achievement


Project X is a modern, whole-school reading and writing programme specially developed to motivate boys and address the gender gap in literacy.

  • Highly motivating books and interactive digital resources that inspire today’s children
  • Research-based programmes, written by experts, designed to help every child succeed
  • The very best planning, teaching and assessment support to reduce your workload
  • A wealth of professional development advice on Oxford Owl to maximise impact

Series contains:

  • Guided reading
  • Independent reading
  • Phonics and comprehension intervention
  • Writing
  • Assessment linked to the Oxford Reading and Writing Criterion Scales
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Available on Oxford Reading Buddy

Oxford Reading Buddy

Did you know Project X books are also available on Oxford Reading Buddy?

Oxford Reading Buddy is a unique new digital reading service that supports each child's personal reading journey, motivates them to succeed, and provides teachers with valuable insights into their attainment and development. Find out more

Project X programmes

Hero Academy

Hero Academy

Flexible for one-to-one, independent and guided reading, a fully-decodable superhero-themed reading series for Key Stage 1.

Project X Comprehension Express

NEW: Project X Comprehension Express

Comprehension success in 10 weeks

Project X Origins

Effective whole-school guided reading
(Reception–Year 6/P1–7)

NEW: Project X Graphic Texts

A new way to approach guided reading (Years 4-6/P5-7)

Project X Alien Adventures phonics resources

Project X Alien Adventures

Decodable adventures to get boys reading independently
(Reception–Year 6/P1–7)

Big Writing Adventures grammar teaching

Online resources using the Big Writing approach

Find out more about Big Writing Adventures - an online resource for Reception–Year 6/P1–7 that uses the Big Writing approach, published by Oxford University Press

Project X CODE

A proven reading intervention for lower juniors
(Years 2–4/P3–5)

Project X Phonics

Project X Phonics

Phonics practice to really embed learning
(Reception–Year 1/P1–2)

Free Project X resources

Find the Perfect Read

Download your interactive curriculum mapping chart for Project X Origins

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Sample lesson

Free Graphic Texts lesson

Follow these three simple steps for using a graphic text version of the literary classic, The Secret Garden, in a Guided Reading lesson

Professional development

Free comprehension workshops

Join a free introductory workshop with Lindsay Pickton to maximise the impact of your Project X Origins resources


Free Big Writing Adventures lessons

Register for free on Oxford Owl to try free Big Writing Adventures for Year 2, 4 or 6

Project X