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Project X

Built to motivate 21st century children

Draws on research, classroom practice, and a real understanding of what modern children like to create a truly effective and fun programme that all children love.  

  • Supports the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework
  • Addresses key issues across the school including guided reading, phonics, comprehension, writing and intervention
  • Includes thematic clusters of fiction and non-fiction for guided reading - great for PYP
  • Includes amazing 3D illustrated character adventures that give all children stories to share and talk about
  • Developed with leading experts in phonics, comprehension and reading intervention
  • Exciting and engaging software
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Series contains:

  • PX Origins: 200 thematic fiction and non-fiction books for ages 4-11
  • Thematic guided reading clusters - great for the PYP
  • PX Code: A reading intervention programme that embeds synthetic phonics
  • PX Alien Adventure: 96 new independent reading adventures featuring 72 tablet friendly e-books
  • Big Writing Adventures: Online writing world helping to raise writing standards
  • Comprehensive teaching support
  • Engaging software for use with the whole class and groups
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    Project X programmes

    Hero Academy

    Hero Academy

    Flexible for one-to-one, independent and guided reading, a fully-decodable superhero-themed reading series for Key Stage 1.

    Project X Comprehension Express

    NEW: Project X Comprehension Express

    Comprehension success in 10 weeks

    Project X Origins

    Effective whole-school guided reading
    (Reception–Year 6/P1–7)

    NEW: Project X Graphic Texts

    A new way to approach guided reading (Years 4-6/P5-7)

    Project X Alien Adventures phonics resources

    Project X Alien Adventures

    Decodable adventures to get boys reading independently
    (Reception–Year 6/P1–7)

    Big Writing Adventures grammar teaching

    Online resources using the Big Writing approach

    Find out more about Big Writing Adventures - an online resource for Reception–Year 6/P1–7 that uses the Big Writing approach, published by Oxford University Press

    Project X CODE

    A proven reading intervention for lower juniors
    (Years 2–4/P3–5)

    Project X Phonics

    Project X Phonics

    Phonics practice to really embed learning
    (Reception–Year 1/P1–2)

    Free Project X resources

    Find the Perfect Read

    Download your interactive curriculum mapping chart for Project X Origins

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    Sample lesson

    Free Graphic Texts lesson

    Follow these three simple steps for using a graphic text version of the literary classic, The Secret Garden, in a Guided Reading lesson

    Professional development

    Free comprehension workshops

    Join a free introductory workshop with Lindsay Pickton to maximise the impact of your Project X Origins resources


    Free Big Writing Adventures lessons

    Register for free on Oxford Owl to try free Big Writing Adventures for Year 2, 4 or 6

    Project X