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Project X

Built to motivate 21st century children

Draws on research, classroom practice, and a real understanding of what modern children like to create a truly effective and fun programme that all children love.  

  • Supports the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework
  • Addresses key issues across the school including guided reading, phonics, comprehension, writing and intervention
  • Includes thematic clusters of fiction and non-fiction for guided reading - great for PYP
  • Includes amazing 3D illustrated character adventures that give all children stories to share and talk about
  • Developed with leading experts in phonics, comprehension and reading intervention
  • Exciting and engaging software
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Series contains:

  • PX Origins: 200 thematic fiction and non-fiction books for ages 4-11
  • Thematic guided reading clusters - great for the PYP
  • PX Code: A reading intervention programme that embeds synthetic phonics
  • PX Alien Adventure: 96 new independent reading adventures featuring 72 tablet friendly e-books
  • Big Writing Adventures: Online writing world helping to raise writing standards
  • Comprehensive teaching support
  • Engaging software for use with the whole class and groups
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    Available on Oxford Reading Buddy

    Oxford Reading Buddy

    Did you know Project X books are also available on Oxford Reading Buddy?

    Oxford Reading Buddy is a unique new digital reading service that supports each child's personal reading journey, motivates them to succeed, and provides teachers with valuable insights into their attainment and development. Find out more

    Project X Support and Information

    Curriculum Chart

    New 2019 Ofsted Framework

    See how Project X supports the new Ofsted Framework


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    Professional development

    Professional Development

    Find an event near you for expert Gary Wilson who shares advice on Raising Boys' Achievement

    Project X programmes

    Hero Academy

    Hero Academy

    A fully decodable superhero series matched to Letters and Sounds with flexible teaching notes for one-to-one, independent and guided reading for Key Stage 1.

    Project X Alien Adventures phonics resources

    Project X Alien Adventures

    Fully decodable space adventure series matched to matched to Letters and Sounds to get boys reading independently for KS1 & KS2

    Project X Phonics

    Project X Phonics

    Decodable readers matched to Letters and Sounds that ensure consistent phonics practice to embed learning for Reception-Year 1 (P1-2)

    Project X CODE

    A proven reading intervention for lower juniors
    (Years 2–4/P3–5)

    Project X Origins

    Effective whole-school guided reading
    (Reception–Year 6/P1–7)

    NEW: Project X Graphic Texts

    A new way to approach guided reading (Years 4-6/P5-7)

    Project X Comprehension Express

    NEW: Project X Comprehension Express

    Comprehension success in 10 weeks (Years4-6)

    Big Writing Adventures grammar teaching

    Online resources using the Big Writing approach

    Big Writing Adventures is an online resource for Reception–Year 6/P1–7 that uses the Big Writing approach

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    Project X
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