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Primary Professional Development and Events

Professional Development

Practical PD services to support school improvement: from leadership & management, to classroom practice

Professional Development

Practical PD services to support school improvement: from leadership & management, to classroom practice

From regional courses to INSET and consultancy, we have a firm belief that professional development should always be:

  • part of a sustained school improvement programme
  • focussed on pupil outcomes
  • designed by leading educational experts
  • related to participant needs
  • in partnership with schools
  • underpinned by research and evidence

CPD Programmes

Numicon CPD

Realise Numicon's true potential with NCETM accredited professional development

Inspire Maths CPD

Be fully supported through effective implementation of Inspire Maths in your school

Comprehension Courses with Project X

Comprehension Courses

One-day courses to unlock the key comprehension strategies and improve reading for every child

Ruth Miskin Training


Visit the Ruth Miskin Training website for full details of the training available for Read Write Inc.

Project X CODE Training

Visit the Edge Hill University Training website for further information about Project X CODE training

Big Writing Training

Visit the Andrell Education website for further information about training for Big Writing

Events near you!

Free Introductory Workshops

Discover how Numicon can have an impact in your school at a free half-day introductory workshop

Free Singapore Maths Workshops

Explore the Singapore approach to teaching mathematics and the potential of the Inspire Maths School Improvement programme

Guided Reading Training

Free comprehension workshops

Join a free introductory workshop with Lindsay Pickton to maximise the impact of your Project X Origins resources

Read Write Inc.

Free Read Write Inc. events

Sign up for a free event to hear how Read Write Inc. can get your pupils reading and writing fluently

PD Tools and Resources

Oxford Owl

Register for free support

Go to Oxford Owl to find online subscriptions and free support

Pathways Mastery of Mathematics

Discover School Improvement Pathways

An easy-to-use online system, fully resourced to improve teaching, learning and assessment

Professional Development Books

CPD Books

Professional development titles and resources to support and enrich your teaching skills

TreeTops Review

  • “A huge thank you for transforming my teaching of writing on behalf of the children I teach as well as me! It has certainly relit the passion I have for enthusing the children about their literacy learning.”

    Becki Jennings, Norfolk