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Oxford Primary English Assessment

Don't just track progress in English... make sure it happens!

Everything a school needs to ensure consistent teacher assessment of reading and writing, without National Curriculum Levels.

Featuring the Oxford Reading and Writing Criterion Scales, the Oxford Primary Reading Assessment Handbook and the Oxford Primary Writing Assessment Handbook offer a detailed and standardised approach to teacher assessment of reading and writing. 

Suitable for all UK curricula.

  • Comprehensive assessment criteria to inform teacher judgements across a whole school (Reception to Year 6 / P1-P7)
  • Exemplification of expected standards at the end of every year group
  • Tools to help record, report and track attainment and progress
  • Links assessment with teaching using a range of Oxford programmes and the Oxford Levels to guide books choice
  • Oxford Reading and Writing Criterion Scales are free to activate within Classroom Monitor, Pupil Asset and Target Tracker subscriptions
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Oxford Primary English Assessment