Numicon Assessment

Practice for Key Stage 1 and 2 Maths SATs

Numicon Test Practice Questions

Help your pupils succeed in the KS1 (year 2) and KS2 (year 6) SATs tests by preparing them with Numicon Test Practice Questions. Mapped to the National Curriculum, the questions match the assessment framework and the style of the SATs questions.

Numicon’s Test Practice Question books are arranged by topic so you can check whether your pupils understand each topic well enough for the tests. Each book is linked back to Numicon’s teaching programme which allows you to follow up on areas of weakness.

Explorer Progress Books

The Explorer Progress Books supports the activities in the Numicon Teaching Resource Handbooks and offer opportunities for you to assess individual children, monitor progress and gather evidence of children's achievements.

The books include real-life contexts which allow you to assess children's ability to apply their mathematical learning when faced with 'non-routine' problems. Children are free to record their answers in their own way, so you can see their thinking, and each activity has space to offer feedback, support and encouragement.

Series contains:

  • Numicon Test Practise books KS1-KS2
  • Explorer Progress books KS1-KS2
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Digital assessment support


Numicon Online subscription

Numicon Online includes editable planning, assessment resources (including Milestone Assessment Cards, tracking records/spreadsheets and assessment grids) and video guidance on implementation, as well as award-winning interactive whiteboard software.

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