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Numicon Intervention and Catch-up

Additional sessions for children in KS2 and KS3 to reinforce and embed key maths concepts

Everything you need to implement a KS2 primary maths catch-up or intervention programme. Using the proven Numicon approach, Numicon Big Ideas allows children to explore maths using structured imagery and apparatus in order to reinforce and embed key maths concepts.

This KS2 maths programme:

  • Focuses on strong teaching of key maths topics using an active, practical approach
  • Is a ‘pick up and go pack’, which can be used alongside your existing maths resources to help rebuild key learning
  • Is a 12-week programme suitable for delivery by non-specialists and teaching assistants

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Series contains:

  • Numicon Big Ideas
  • Numicon Intervention Resources
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Numicon Intervention Programme impact

Curriculum Chart

Closing the Gap: the Numicon Intervention Programme

Read a summary from a recent independent study showing that the Numicon Intervention Programme (NIP) is the only intervention which improves pupil attainment and progress

Curriculum Chart

Numicon Research Summary – Cambridgeshire L.A.

Read the results from the Cambridge LA trials on the Numicon Intervention Programme