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Numicon at Home

Resources for learning at home

Get ahead and use Numicon at home to help your child to better understand maths, both before starting primary school and during their time at school. Our family-friendly resources, activities and kits are designed to help children understand connections between numbers.

Numicon resources for home are ideal to support the early maths teaching children will be meeting in the classroom. Through the multi-sensory activities and mathematical language of Numicon, children will start to develop the understanding and skills that underpin their later understanding of numbers.

Below you will find handy tips and resources to help you support your child’s maths at home.

Series contains:

  • 1st Steps with Numicon at Home
  •  Numicon at the Seaside
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Numicon for parents

Printable Numicon shapes

Print these Numicon shapes to use at home.

Using Numicon at home

Watch Louise and Claire unbox and explain the items in the 1st Steps with Numicon at Home Kit.

Numicon at home activity videos

Watch our short 'how to' and activity videos to make the most of Numicon shapes at home.

Numicon guide for parents

Visit Oxford Owl for Home to find out what Numicon is and how it can support your child whilst learning maths.

Numicon at the Seaside

Numicon at home

Handy tips and advice to help parents support their child's maths at home using Numicon.