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Numicon for Early Years Maths

Build a secure future in mathematics for every child with Numicon

Resources that help develop strong foundational learning, Numicon Firm Foundations is a comprehensive and varied programme of maths activities for children aged 3-5. These Numicon early years starter packs are a great addition to any nursery looking to prepare children for primary school.

The programme:

  • Includes a new and revised of the Firm Foundations that fully aligns with new Early Learning Goals in England
  • Provides a balance of structured and explorative activities for all areas of the setting, indoors and outdoors
  • Uses stories, song and rhymes as well as cross-curricular links as a springboard for maths learning
  • Retains all Shape, Space and Measure content, crucial for children's KS1 readiness
  • Is supported by a digital subscription bringing together all your planning and classroom resources in one place.
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Series contains:

  • 1st Steps with Numicon in the Nursery
  • Numicon Firm Foundations Revised Edition (Teaching Handbook and Online Subscription)
  • Numicon Firm Foundations Apparatus Packs
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Try Firm Foundations in your class

Curriculum Chart

Download a free Firm Foundations activity card

Try a sample activity with your class to get a feel for the Numicon approach.

Numicon for EYFS

EYFS Numicon activity videos

Watch our short 'how to' and activity videos to make the most of Numicon shapes.

EYFS Numicon blog

Read about how to get started with Numicon from an EYFS educator.

EYFS Numicon Pinterest

Follow our Pinterest board to find activity ideas and inspiration.

Printable Numicon shapes

Print these Numicon shapes to use at home.

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Speak with you local Educational Consultant for bespoke advice on which Numicon resources are right for your school or how to get the most out of the Numicon resources you already have.

Numicon Firm Foundations Review

  • "Numicon Firm Foundations offers a carefully planned teaching programme with clear progression and sequencing. The teacher’s handbook contains everything you need, saving time and ensuring coverage. In the best tradition of early years, the approach is active and child-centred. The online resources offer materials in an easily accessible digital format, with the added benefit of banks of stories, songs and videos, and excellent professional development materials too."

    Author and early years teacher, Sue Cowley