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Numicon for Early Years Maths

Build a secure future in mathematics for every child with Numicon

Resources that help develop strong foundational learning, Numicon Firm Foundations is a comprehensive and varied programme of maths activities for children aged 3-5. These Numicon early years starter packs are a great addition to any nursery looking to prepare children for primary school.

The programme:

  • Provides a balance of structured and explorative activities for all areas of the setting, indoors and outdoors
  • Uses stories, song and rhymes as well as cross-curricular links as a springboard for maths learning
  • Includes assessment opportunities throughout that guide the observation of children’s developing mathematical understanding
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Series contains:

  • 1st Steps with Numicon in the Nursery
  • Numicon Firm Foundations
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Numicon EYFS curriculum support

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National curriculum England

Matching charts for Numicon and the National Curriculum 2014

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National curriculum Scotland

Matching charts for the Curriculum for Excellence

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National curriculum Wales

Matching charts for the Curriculum for Wales

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National curriculum Northern Ireland

Matching charts for the Curriculum for Wales

Numicon EYFS Case Study

Case study

Canon Evans C of E Primary School

Read the case study from Canon Evans C of E Primary School to find out how Numicon provides firm foundations for mathematical understanding