Numicon Apparatus

Making the most of manipulatives

Apparatus and shapes are an integral part of Numicon. Discover our cost-effective kits, starter packs, and boxes of shapes which contain key manipulatives to support mastery teaching at home or in the classroom - whatever the existing programme.

Manipulatives are a great way to make your teaching more effective - including using the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, teaching for understanding, generalisation and assessment. How can you best use manipulatives to deepen understanding?

For ideas, tips and help:

  • Visit to discover a variety of 60-second, how-to with manipulatives videos
  • Follow our manipulatives board at Education for new ideas with manipulatives – and share your own
  • Find a wealth of essential manipulatives below, with packs available for both one-to-one and group work
  • Read the Teaching Resource Handbooks which contain a comprehensive guide to using manipulatives in the classroom, with planning and activity suggestions.

Series contains:

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Numicon apparatus favourites

30 Boxes of Numicon Shapes 1-10

This product contains 30 boxes of Numicon shapes designed for individual use of each student in a classroom setting.

Numicon Foam Shapes

Large Foam Shapes

Numicon Large Foam Shapes give you the opportunity to explore number in an engaging and practical way.

Box of 80 Numicon Shapes

The box of 80 Numicon Shapes provides essential apparatus to parents and teachers of children throughout the Primary years.

Useful resources

Curriculum Chart

Download Free Resources

Download free activities and display resources to use in the classroom.

'How-to' videos

Watch our short 'how to' and activity videos for lesson inspiration.

Structure chart

Support for parents

Resources to help parents support their child's maths at home using Numicon.

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