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Numicon Breaking Barriers Teach Primary resource Awards 2018 5-star winner


Making maths real

Based on a proven concrete-pictorial-abstract approach, Numicon encourages children to explore maths using structured imagery and apparatus in order to understand and explain mathematical concepts:

  • Gives children confidence through demonstrating how and why they arrived at their answer
  • Easily assess understanding by watching and listening to what children do and say
  • Flexibility to use alongside existing resources, or as a complete maths programme
  • Professional development to suit the needs of your school and staff
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Series contains:

  • 6 Teaching Handbooks
  • 6 Implementation Guides
  • 18 Workbooks
  • 6 Apparatus packs
  • 4 Pupil Books
  • 1 Firm Foundations pack
  • 1 Online subscription
  • 2 Test Practice Question Books
  • Additional resource packs for home, nursery, intervention, SEND, and stretch and challenge
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Read our Numicon impact study

Numicon impact study

A research study was commissioned to find out in more detail how teachers were using Numicon and how they perceived its impact on children’s mathematical learning.

Using Manipulatives


Free support: Making the most of your Manipulatives

Find out how you can use manipulatives to deepen understanding throughout the whole school

Numicon and SATs

Numicon and SATs 2018

Numicon and SATs (PDF)

Discover how Numicon can help your children succeed, with worked examples from the 2018 Maths SATs

Numicon SATs blog

Read Barnsbury Primary School and Nursery's blog post

Hear how the Numicon approach can prepare children for their SATs throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2

New: Numicon Big Ideas

Numicon Big Ideas: view sample sessions

Additional sessions to reinforce and embed key maths concepts

Numicon in the classroom

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Numicon Teaching support on Oxford Owl

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Case study

A proven approach to teaching maths

Read our case studies and discover the proven impact of Numicon in the classroom

Implementing Numicon?

Ensure successful implementation with our handy 4-step guide

Derry Richardson on why Numicon is 'More than Just the Shapes' (Video)

Senior Professional Development Leader, Derry Richardson, explains why Numicon continues to be an essential resource at Key Stage 2 and beyond

What does Numicon deliver?

Structure chart

Numicon structure chart

Seen an overview of Numicon resources

Curriculum Chart

Numicon curriculum support

Curriculum matching charts for all UK curricula

Numicon Advocate Schools

Visit an Advocate School

Book onto an Open Morning and see Numicon lessons in action

Professional development

Numicon Free Introductory Workshops

Discover how Numicon can have an impact in your school at a free half-day event

Numicon Online Demo (video)

Explore Numicon Online in this short video

Curriculum Chart

Effective assessment in Numicon (PDF)

Read how Numicon raises standards by connecting high quality assessment with effective teaching

View information about resources and CPD, with sample pages and video testimonials

Resource and CPD information

View information about resources and CPD, with sample pages and video testimonials