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Discover the new Nelson Maths.
This new edition provides a rigorous, whole-school programme for teaching and learning maths from early years through to the end of primary education. Written for learners across the world, it enables all children to start and sustain a lifelong journey with maths. 

The new edition includes a brand-new look and feel, vocabulary support and activities that prompt engagement with the latest mathematical thinking, such as problem solving and growth mindset.

  • New ‘Starter Level’ provides resources that specifically cater to Early Years
  • Embed learning through a carefully planned sequence of practical, spoken and written Pupil Book activities
  • Write-in Workbooks enable children to practice, consolidate and extend their learning
  • Teacher's Books offer step-by-step lesson plans, differentiation support, additional challenge ideas and answers to all activities
  • Digital support coming soon on Oxford Owl
  • Robust concept progression supports both the English National Curriculum and International Curricula
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Series contains:

• 3 Workbooks for Starter Level
• 1 Teacher's Book for Starter Level
• 6 Pupil Books for Levels 1-6
• 6 Workbooks for Levels 1-6
• 6 Teacher’s Books for Levels 1-6
• Updated content to match the requirements of the English National Curriculum

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Maths growth mindset worksheets

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Engaging ways to start your maths lessons