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MyiMaths is an easy-to-use whole-school subscription for teaching primary maths. It allows you to choose lessons to match maths curriculum objectives and assign matching homework activities within minutes, freeing your time to get on with teaching

  • Hundreds of maths homework activities are automatically marked and clearly tracked for your records
  • The matching lesson presentations enrich class teaching and aid revision at home
  • Maths games provide a fun way of building confidence and fluency
  • Revision lessons and worksheets are designed to offer targeted revision to summative tests and exams. 
  • Provides support for PYP, Cambridge Primary and the English National Curriculum
  • Great value for your whole school at £380 + VAT per year

MyiMaths is for institutional subscriptions only. If you are a parent, please speak to your school.

ISBN: 978 138 201681 0

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Primary MyiMaths