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Mastering Singapore maths with Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths

The only mastery textbook programme proven to raise standards in the UK

Inspire Maths is a whole-school primary maths programme that supports you in teaching for mastery and meeting the higher expectations of the National Curriculum.

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  • Based on Singapore's top maths series used in almost 100% of its state primary schools
  • A textbook programme which helps children to develop mastery, with essential assessment and curriculum support provided by Inspire Maths Online 
  • Supported by face-to-face professional development from UK experts
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Series contains:

  • 12 Pupil Textbooks
  • 18 Practice Books
  • 12 Teacher's Guides
  • 6 Pupil Assessment Books
  • 1 Online subscription
  • 6 Getting Started Guides NEW
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DfE non-statutory guidance matching charts

How does Inspire Maths cover the new DfE non-statutory guidance? Download Years 1-6 matching charts to see the full coverage.


  • "It is immensely satisfying to watch children experience a ‘lightbulb’ moment where they smile and recognise that they ‘get it!’ More importantly, they understand HOW and WHY they ‘got it’."

    Paul Langridge, Headteacher, Wentworth Primary School, Kent – published in the Parliamentary Review, September 2017.

Inspire Maths in the classroom

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Teaching Inspire Maths Remotely

Hear from Nim Kimyani, Maths lead at Moreland Primary school discuss how they have been teaching Inspire Maths remotely.

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Interview with the maths lead

Watch an interview with the maths lead at Rawmarsh Thorogate School.

Watch an Inspire Maths year 6 lesson

Watch a Year 6 Lesson

Watch a year 6 lesson from Inspire Maths Textbook 6A Unit 4, Fractions at Rawmarsh Thorogate Primary School.

Watch the interview with the maths lead at Rawmarsh Thorogate School

Conversation with Fulwell Infant School

Hear from Emma Hopkinson, maths lead at Fulwell Infant School, Sunderland as she discusses the positive impact Inspire Maths has had on teaching and learning.

Inspire Maths Impact Report

Inspire Maths Impact Report (PDF)

An in-depth report detailing how a proven textbook programme from Singapore is transforming maths teaching and learning in England.

Discover the impact of Inspire Maths

Discover the impact of Inspire Maths

Hear first-hand how our Advocate Schools have successfully implemented Inspire Maths in our series of bite-sized video clips

Try an Inspire Maths Lesson

Try an Inspire Maths Lesson

Access a completely free Inspire Maths lesson on Understanding Equivalent Fractions by logging in or signing up for free to Oxford Owl

Inspire Maths Getting Started Guides

Getting Started Guides - Sample

Take a look at our Getting Started Guides which provide practical support to help you implement Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths Getting Started Guides

Getting Started Guides - Order

Order your Getting Started Guides and get practical support on implementing Inspire Maths


Youtube playlist

Take a look at the Inspire Maths playlist for practical support and hands-on activities

Watch the mastery video

How the Inspire Maths books were developed (video)

Head of Marshall Cavendish, Lee Fei Chen, tells us how the company developed its hugely successful Singapore textbook programme

What does Inspire Maths deliver?

Curriculum Chart

New 2019 Ofsted Framework

See how Inspire Maths supports the new Ofsted Framework

Structure chart

Course Structure (PDF)

See an overview of the Inspire Maths series

Inspire Maths Advocate Schools

Visit an Advocate School

Book onto an Open Morning and see Inspire Maths lessons in action

Curriculum Chart

Curriculum matching charts

Log on to Oxford Owl for free to access correlation charts for England, Scotland and Wales

Professional development

Inspire Maths Professional Development

Find out how we support you in implementing Inspire Maths in your school

Watch our Inspire Maths Online Demo (video)

Take a look at the essential support provided by Inspire Maths Online

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Inspire Maths