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Inspire Maths

Mastering Singapore maths with Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths

Mastering Singapore maths with Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths is a whole-school primary maths programme, based on Singapore Maths series My Pals are Here, used in 100% of Singapore's state primary schools.
  • Based on the Singapore Maths series My Pals are Here!, used in almost 100% of Singapore's state primary schools.
  • A high-quality textbook programme that helps children to develop mastery and become confident mathematicians.
  • Works alongside Inspire Maths Online to give you essential assessment and National Curriculum support
  • Supported by face-to-face professional development from UK experts - Book your course today.

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Series contains:

  • Pupil Textbooks introduce concepts and skills
  • Practice Books build fluency and leading to mastery
  • Teacher's Guides provide a clear teaching pathway
  • Pupil Assessment Books help monitor progress and inform next steps for teaching
  • Online subscription to Inspire Maths Online contains essential implementation guidance
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Inspire Maths, mastery and the Singapore approach

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A transformational, whole-school programme built on the internationally acclaimed Singapore Maths approach

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Inspire Maths