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Big Writing

Big Writing

A whole-school approach to raising standards in writing

Big Writing is a methodology that is highly enjoyable and motivating and – when done right – has an immediate impact for all children.

Oxford University Press have teamed up with Andrell Education to bring all schools easy access to this proven and effective methodology with the new edition of the popular Big Writing handbooks.

You can use Project X to support your Big Writing teaching. Big Writing helps children learn how to write, whilst the Project X characters and adventures give children lots of things to write about! The guide, Using Project X to support Big Writing Teaching will help you link the two programmes for maximum impact in the classroom. 

  • Develops higher level talk
  • Improves basic skills – grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Ensures effective assessment and progressions
  • Creates a positive writing ethos
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Series contains:

  • Raising Writing Standards: A powerful and effective whole-school approach - a book with CD-ROM
  • Writing Voice and Basic Skills: The class teacher’s guide to Big Writing
  • Talk the Big Talk: Laying the foundations for Big Writing and beyond
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Big Writing Adventures

Big Writing Adventures

On a mission to raise standards in children's writing

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Big Writing
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