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BEAM (Be A Mathematician)

Make learning maths interesting, challenging and enjoyable with BEAM

There's something for every classroom with this comprehensive range of engaging primary maths resources.

  • Teaching and learning materials including games and mathematical equipment for enjoyable maths lessons
  • Proven research-based resources developed by expert authors, including Professor Mike Askew, Peter Clarke and NRICH
  • Focused resources to develop problem solving, reasoning and fluency
  • Includes resources for intervention and for more able pupils
  • Concrete mathematical equipment, including pattern blocks and number strips, bring abstract maths concepts to life
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Series contains:

  • BEAM iBook for teaching maths word problems
  • Teacher’s Books with photocopiable worksheets
  • Teacher resource and Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROMs
  • Maths equipment, including number cards, number lines and Mega Money
  • Exciting maths board games
  • Family-friendly homework books
  • Audio CD – Learn Your Times Tables
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BEAM (Be A Mathematician)