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BEAM (Be A Mathematician)

Make learning maths interesting, challenging and enjoyable with BEAM

BEAM (Be A Mathematician)

Make learning maths interesting, challenging and enjoyable with BEAM

There's something for every classroom with this comprehensive range of engaging primary maths resources.

  • Teaching and learning materials including games and mathematical equipment for enjoyable maths lessons
  • Proven research-based resources developed by expert authors, including Professor Mike Askew, Peter Clarke and NRICH
  • Focused resources to develop problem solving, reasoning and fluency
  • Includes resources for intervention and for more able pupils
  • Concrete mathematical equipment, including pattern blocks and number strips, bring abstract maths concepts to life
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Series contains:

  • BEAM iBook for teaching maths word problems
  • Teacher’s Books with photocopiable worksheets
  • Teacher resource and Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROMs
  • Maths equipment, including number cards, number lines and Mega Money
  • Exciting maths board games
  • Family-friendly homework books
  • Audio CD – Learn Your Times Tables
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We Can Do It!

Using and applying maths challenges

The Brain Buster Maths Box

Problem solving packs get children using and applying maths

Talk it, Solve It

Collaborative activities that require pupils to focus on talking about problems as they solve them

Maths Buzz

Whole-class reasoning problems devised by NRICH to get children debating about maths

Maths Out Loud

Speaking and listening activities for primary maths

Number Challenge Games

Fun games providing invaluable practice in calculation skills and strategic thinking

Maths all Week

Set up and run a successful and creative maths week

Sums for Smart Kids

Illustrated mathematical problems designed to push the child who always finishes first

BEAM (Be A Mathematician)