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Oxford Arabic Phonics

Oxford Arabic Phonics offers a synthetic approach to teaching the sounds of the Arabic language. The methodology is flexible and supports both teachers and learners by incorporating a diverse range of teaching methods.

This comprehensive literacy scheme engages children with all the sounds of the Arabic alphabet through structured progression and character lead stories, with Middle Eastern culture in mind.


Suitable for Arabic A and B pupils, build young learner’s literacy skills through shared reading, games and activities.

  • Offers a structured progression to teach the sounds and letters of Arabic
  • Provides teacher support in the readers and the Teacher’s Guide
  • Offers engaging class resources edited to high standards
  • Provides phonics practice through Flashcards and routines detailed in the teacher’s notes
  • Provides activities in each reader to support parental involvement
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Series contains:

  • 28 Alphabet Readers
  • 56 user-friendly flashcards
  • Songs and rhymes (available to download)
  • 2 Activity Books
  • A Teacher's Guide
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Oxford Arabic Phonics