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Read Write Inc. Professional Development

Delivered in association with Ruth Miskin Training

Ruth Miskin Training Website

Visit the training website

Visit the Ruth Miskin Training website for full details and to book training for Read Write Inc.

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Watch an introduction to Read Write Inc. training (Video)

Watch this short video from Ruth Miskin for an overview of the training offered to support successful implementation of Read Write Inc.

Readwrite Inc events

Regional Meetings

An opportunity for headteachers and reading leaders to share best practice with local schools and attend a free expert talk led by a local trainer

Read the DfE review of the Development Day training (PDF)

Read Write Inc. Development Day training was recently attended by an inspector from the DfE and rated outstanding. Read the full inspection report, and glowing summary.

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Professional Development

A Whole School Approach to Reading (Video)

A Whole School Approach to Reading (Video)

Children learn more quickly when practice across the school is completely consistent. Ruth Miskin explains how this can be achieved by all schools, including having a Reading Manager in place.

1 min 30 seconds

Professional Development

Assessment and Groupings for Speedy Progress (Video)

Assessment and Groupings for Speedy Progress (Video)

Ruth Miskin explains how grouping children in terms of ability can lead to more focused teaching and faster progress of learners.

2 min 1 seconds

Showing 1-2 of 2 results