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Numicon Professional Development

1-day Numicon Training

Choose from a selection of Numicon training days from £99+VAT

1-day Numicon Training

Choose from a selection of Numicon training days from £99+VAT

1-day Numicon Training

Join our independent maths consultants at your nearest workshop, to become confident and capable in using the Numicon approach to teach to mastery and improve standards.

Numicon Workshops

Booking Options

There are 3 ways to book your Numicon training course:

  1. INSET - £920+VAT (for up to 35 staff members)
  2. London training - £199+VAT (hosted by Oxford University Press)
  3. Regional training - £99+VAT (hosted by a school)

INSET - £920+VAT

To book a day's training for your whole staff, simply complete our booking form and our PD team will respond to your request within 5 working days.

As an organisation with charitable status, it's important to us that the events we support operate on a not-for-profit basis. For this reason, we do no permit onward sale.

London Training - £199+VAT

 Date  Course Title  Location  Price (+VAT)  Booking
 25/3/19  Discover Numicon at Foundation Stage   London   £199   Book now 
 26/3/19  Discover Numicon in supporting Children with SEND  London  £199  Book now 
 26/3/19  Leadership and Management Programme   London   £199   Book now 
 27/3/19  Progression with Numicon in Years 1-3   London  £199  Book now 
 28/3/19  Progression with Numicon in Years 4-6  London  £199  Book now

* Please note that due to venue and catering costs, the price of the central London training is higher than he regional training days.

Upcoming Regionals - £99+VAT

 Date  Course Title  Location  Price (+VAT)  Booking

Sorry, we don't have any upcoming regional courses at the moment, but watch this space...

Become a host and get two free spaces: if you have a suitable training space at your school and are interested in hosting a Numicon training day for your local network, we'd love to hear fom you. We will support the day by creating all the promotional materials, managing the sign-up and delegate registration, and providing an expert consultant to deliver the day. To thank you for being a Numicon host, we also offer two free spaces to any staff from your school.

To find out more about hosting a Numicon training day, contact your local educational consultant.