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The 2014 National Curriculum emphasises the importance of children learning to read using a phonics-based approach. To ensure your pupils have the right phonics skills to become a successful reader, and in turn, feel confident in the phonics screening check, we have put together a wealth of support to help you.

Evaluate your phonics provision and plan what's next

Find whole-school support on Oxford Owl

  • A School Improvement Pathway that guides you through a four step process to improving phonics.
  • A Professional Development & Best Practice hub, with expert videos, case studies & links to face-to-face training.
  • Teaching & Assessment Resources to support your phonics planning, teaching and assessment.
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    Teach with our leading phonics programme

    New Read Write Inc. Phonics 2016

    This new edition of Read Write Inc. Phonics brings together over 10 years of experience in more than 4000 schools.

  • Integrated phonics, comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and handwriting
  • Engaging partner work, role-play and drama so every child participates in the whole lesson
  • Simple assessment, clear tracking and straightforward grouping so every child learns rapidly at the right level
  • Sustained Professional Development from Ruth Miskin Training to create an outstanding team of teachers
  • Support learning with our wider collection of decodable books and resources

    Floppy's Phonics

    Synthetic phonics teaching supported by Biff, Chip and Kipper books

    Traditional Tales

    40 timeless stories from around the world with clear phonic progression


    60 decodable stories with built-in phonic progression written by Julia Donaldson

    Project X Phonics

    Engaging group reading with a focus on phonics supported by 40 engaging eBooks

    Project X Alien Adventures

    Finely levelled decodable books which take children on an exciting space adventure

    Oxford Phonics Spelling Dictionary

    A phonics dictionary ordered by sounds and spellings and linked to the Alphabetic Code Chart

    Track progress with effective assessment supported by CPD

    Oxford Primary Reading Assessment

  • A whole-school solution to reading assessment and book choice
  • Based on the Oxford Reading Criterion Scale
  • Exemplification of expected standards at the end of every year group
  • Free to activate within Classroom Monitor subscriptions
  • Help pupils feel confident in the phonics screening check

    Primary highlights - phonics

    Phonics screening check support service (website)

    Free online phonics screening check support service to help you assess where your children are now with helpful advice on effective next steps!


    Help parents support their children’s learning at home

    Oxford Owl For Home

    Direct parents to Oxford Owl For Home for an overview of what synthetic phonics is, examples of how to say the sounds correctly and advice on the phonics screening check.

    My Reading and Writing Kit

    Recommend the Read Write Inc. Phonics home learning kit, specially developed kit to introduce children to phonics and support their first steps in learning to read and write

    Songbirds Home Learning

    Recommend the Songbirds Home Learning stories, activity books and stickers, perfect for parents to share with their children at home

    My Phonics Kit

    Recommend the My Phonics Kit, everything a parent and child needs for motivating phonics practice at home, all in one convenient pack

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    Traditional Tales

    Traditional Tales

    Timeless stories with clear phonic progression


    Ruth Miskin

    Ruth Miskin

    Leading literacy expert and creator of the transforming Read Write Inc. programmes


    Marilyn Joyce

    Marilyn Joyce

    An expert in early literacy and systematic synthetic phonics for struggling readers


    Debbie Hepplewhite

    Debbie Hepplewhite

    A leading independent expert in synthetic phonics

    Professional Development

    Assessment and Groupings for Speedy Progress (Video)

    Ruth Miskin explains how grouping children in terms of ability can lead to more focused teaching and faster progress of learners.

    2 min 1 seconds

    Professional Development

    Phonics: Getting the best results report (PDF)

    Phonics: Getting the best results report (PDF)

    This report provides a short overview of Ofsted’s report on reading, Reading by six: how the best schools do it. It is written to help you reflect on any implications for your own school.

    Professional Development

    A Whole School Approach to Reading (Video)

    Children learn more quickly when practice across the school is completely consistent. Ruth Miskin explains how this can be achieved by all schools, including having a Reading Manager in place.

    1 min 30 seconds

    Professional Development

    Positive Partnerships with Parents (Video)

    There are many things that schools already do to inform and involve the parents and carers in teaching reading, spelling and writing. Find out some of Debbie Hepplewhite’s top tips for working with parents.

    2 min 54 seconds

    Handout (PDF)

    Professional Development

    How to Keep Everyone on Track with Phonics

    Debbie Hepplewhite introduces herself and describes why she became so passionate about systematic synthetic phonics teaching.

    2 min 9 seconds


    Oxford Reading Tree: Level 4: Floppy's Phonics Fiction: Pack of 6

    Oxford Reading Tree: Level 4: Floppy's Phonics Fiction: Pack of 6

    New edition! Practise phonic skills with Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy!

    Author Roderick Hunt, Illustrator Alex Brychta, Author/Advisor Kate Ruttle, and Phonics Consultant Debbie Hepplewhite

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    Pack | 06/01/2011

    Price:  £25.50

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