Oxford Reading Levels

Oxford Reading Levels

Right reading level, right progress

Why use levelled readers?

For a child to become a confident and successful reader, they need to be presented with the right amount of challenge. Expertly levelled reading books help to develop children’s reading skills and a love of reading.

93% of UK teachers say that levelled reading books help to develop competent and successful readers.

What are Oxford Reading Levels?

Oxford Reading Levels is an expert system used to determine the level of many popular primary reading books from Oxford. The levels range from Level 1 to Level 20, supporting readers from Reception (Primary 1) to Year 6 (Primary 7). 

How are Oxford Reading Levels different to other systems? 

The Oxford Reading Levels system has been created over decades by our experts, authors and teachers. We have looked at the ‘science’ of books, including word levels and sentence characteristics, and the ‘art’ of books, including subject matter and visual elements. We have analysed over 2,000 books, 400,000 sentences and over 4,000,000 words. 

We develop our books with Oxford Reading Levels at their heart, making them truly effective in supporting children’s progress.

How do Oxford Reading Levels help children to read?

The Oxford Reading Levels Teacher’s Guide supports teachers in making the right judgement about what text a child should be reading. Then the Oxford Reading Levels progressively build fluency, comprehension and stamina. This leads to more children becoming successful readers.

What Oxford books are part of Oxford Reading Levels?

Series such as Oxford Reading Tree, Project X and TreeTops have been developed using Oxford Reading Levels and can help to support progress in a range of reading competencies.

If your school is based outside the UK, learn more about Oxford Reading Levels here.

Oxford Levelling Report

A Report on Levelled Reading Books 2022

The ‘art’ and ‘science’ of levelled reading books

Read our report to find out more about levelled reading and Oxford Reading Levels.

How do Oxford Reading Levels Work?

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oxford levels placement guide

Oxford Reading Levels chart

See how the Oxford Reading Levels map to children’s typical progress through primary school.

Reading Levelling Teacher's Guide

Teacher's Guide

Sign up to view the Teacher’s Guide for a detailed understanding of how Oxford Reading Levels work.

Oxford Primary Reading Assessment Handbook

Oxford Primary Reading Assessment Handbook

Oxford Primary Reading Assessment Handbook

The Oxford Primary Reading Handbook offers a detailed and standardised approach to teacher assessment of reading that is suitable for all UK curricula. It includes comprehensive assessment criteria to inform teacher judgements, linking to Oxford Reading Levels.

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