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Oxford Levels

Help every child to progress with their reading in carefully considered stages

Oxford Levels

Help every child to progress with their reading in carefully considered stages

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Oxford Levelled books use an expertly researched and well-established system for fine-levelling which is correlated to other levelling systems and positioned to match new, higher standards and age-related expectations. We're here to help you find books that hook interest and engagement, fire imaginations and broaden world views, and to match children to books that will progressively develop their skills at every step of their reading journey.

What are Oxford Levels?

  • Oxford's way of determining text level - our own levelling criteria
  • Correlated to Book Bands very closely in Rec/P1 and KS2/P2-3 (Can also be mapped to RR levels)
  • Finer levelling than Book Bands at KS2/P4-7
  • Positioned to match new higher standards and age-related expectations

Oxford Levels Support

Download the Levelling Brochure now

Click here to download the brochure and learn how levelling helps every child progress

Oxford Levels Chart

See how Oxford Levels correlate to other levelling systems

Reading Resources Review

Get recommendations regarding the best support for the issues you need to address

Comprehension Professional Development

Teaching specific comprehension strategies to give children the opportunity to develop the required skills

Book Recommendation Tool

Access Oxford Bookmatch when you register for free on Oxford Owl

Guided Reading Professional Development

Using guided reading to support progression, whilst encouraging children's enthusiasm for books

Independent Reading

Improve overall literacy and language achievement by getting your children to read independently

Reading for Pleasure

Six strategies for building an outstanding reading school

Oxford Levelled Resources

Oxford Reading Tree

Oxford Reading Tree

Best-loved books that inspire a love of reading



The biggest collection of quality levelled readers for your juniors

Project X

A whole-school reading and writing programme to raise boys' achievement

Oxford Primary English Assessment

Make progress in English happen!

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