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We are committed to ensuring every child learns to read, and so we've carefully created our phonics resources to support you to do this. We know that schools benefit from having a validated SSP programme and we've coupled ours with training and support so you can be confident that your teaching and learning will be of the highest standard. And, our range of high quality and comprehensive teaching resources will take children beyond passing the phonics screening check to become life-long readers.

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Oxford Children's Language Corpus

The Oxford Children's Language Corpus is the biggest living database of children's reading and writing in English. This unique insight into the words children write and read, allows us to:

  • Track the development of new vocabulary and the fascinating and creative use of words by children
  • Understand the language children need to acquire at each step of their education and how to support them in doing that
  • Support teachers and educators with the very best publishing and resources, informed by this insight