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#MathsAdventure on demand

Catch up anytime, anywhere

#MathsAdventure on demand

Catch up anytime, anywhere

Digital events are boosting teacher confidence around the world. So maths teachers, take advantage of our free, inspiring panel discussions and webinars hosted by global experts, showcasing new ways to get creative with maths.

Receive a certificate for watching any of the webinar events, excluding panel discussions.

We hope the sessions will inspire to bring creativity, curiosity, and connection in your maths classrooms.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on social platforms using #MathsAdventure!

Watch this exclusive discussion between international experts, Dr. Sugata Mitra, Dr. Helen Williams, David Lyttle, Dr Anne Watson, and Dr Jennifer Chang Wathall in our #MathsAdventure opening panel

Dr Sugata Mitra explains the new role of technology in a student-centered learning environmentm and how your school can utilize technology in lessons

International educator of over 25 years, Dr. Jennifer Chang Wathall shows teachers how to embed a positive attitude and growth mindset towards teaching and learning maths, in a whole-school approach, in this webinar

Teacher Educator, Author, and Curriculum Advisor, Dr. Anne Watson shows teachers the five ways to transform mathematical learning in the classroom and the evidence to back these claims.

Educational Consultant and Early Years specialist, Dr. Helen Williams explains the key teaching areas needed in EYFS to set foundations for Year One, and how parents can help reinforce learning at home.

Accredited teacher-trainer and educational specialist, David Lyttle presents a selection of accessible ways for teachers to use manipulatives to support understanding and differentiation in the maths classroom.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on the future of maths teaching and how can teachers prepare for tomorrow’s learners? 
Hear direct from maths leaders and teachers around the world in our #MathsAdventure closing panel discussion.