Preparing for the future:
Using curiosity and creativity to boost confidence in maths
A whitepaper for International Educators

A free whitepaper for international educators

Preparing for the future

A free whitepaper for international educators

Working in collaboration with teachers and global education specialists, we’ve explored the teaching and learning methods that offer students the best opportunity to realise their full potential in maths. In this whitepaper we summarise our findings from the past 12 months, alongside practical solutions and top tips for today’s teachers, to prepare for whatever the future holds.

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Read our whitepaper to:

  • Discover the results of our international educator survey, focusing on the impacts of remote learning, COVID-19 school closures, and current teaching priorities for maths.
  • Learn which pedagogical approaches are most impactful for building student confidence and enjoyment in maths, while utilizing growth mindset, digital resources, manipulatives and more.
  • Find practical ideas and top tips from experts, to start using in your lessons or school right away.

Teacher & school benefits:

  • Get practical advice from our expert panel to help you transform your maths teaching in simple yet effective ways.
  • Find inspiration for new styles of teaching and professional development ideas to future-proof your lessons and methods.
  • Challenge traditional approaches to teaching maths and applying learnings from the pandemic in the long term.

Learner benefits:

  • Encourage learners to feel better-connected to their maths learning, by encouraging creativity and curiosity through varied activities.
  • Develop and practice essential maths skills and behaviours for learning and life including metacognition, creative problem solving, collaboration and resilience.
  • Improve mathematical knowledge and cognitive development by experiencing maths through new materials and formats.


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Who’s it for?

This paper was written for international educators, specifically primary-level (including early years).
This paper is suitable for school teachers, leaders, heads of departments, teaching assistants, and more. Although written with international educators in mind, it could also be relevant for a UK audience.


About the authors:


Dr Jennifer Chang Wathall

  • Headshot of Dr Jennifer Chang Wathall


    Author, Educational Consultant, and Instructor for The University of Hong Kong, with over 25 years’ experience in education

David Lyttle

  • David Lyttle author half brick image


    Elementary Math workshop trainer and consultant, International School trainer, and curriculum mapping Author.

Featuring findings from

  • Professor Anne Watson

    Widely published Researcher, specialising in teaching mathematics for over three decades.

  • Professor Sugata Mitra

    Professor Emeritus at NIIT University Rajasthan India, responsible for the 1999 Hole in the Wall (HIW) experiment

  • Dr Helen Williams

    Early Years maths teaching and learning Educational Consultant.