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Maths Adventure

Discovering the infinite possibilities of maths together

We empower today's learners to embark on a lifelong adventure with maths through resilience, connection, curiosity, and creativity. Equipping maths learners for the future, whatever that future looks like.

We're offering a series of online expert panel and webinar events to inspire and empower maths teachers across the globe from every teaching context to transform their teaching, challenge traditional approaches and encourage their students to explore maths.

In the months to come, this page will be home to a library of free resources for teachers around the world, spanning many different topics and formats, all backed by research and produced by international education experts. So why not bookmark this page and keep checking back to see what's new?

Catch up with our certified expert events here, explore our free content below, and join the conversation with #MathsAdventure on social platforms.

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Meet some of the experts taking you on the #MathsAdventure

Learn more about Prof. Sugata Mitra, Dr Jennifer Chang Wathall, David Lyttle, Prof. Anne Watson, and Dr Helen Williams.

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