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Mastery of Mathematics

Approaches to mastery proven to have impact

Mastery of Mathematics

Approaches to mastery proven to have impact

Whether you’re from a school with a mastery specialist, or completely new to the concept, we’re here to help you embed the world’s leading mastery approach, to get the best out of every child, supported by the only proven mastery programme, Inspire Maths.

Find out more below about the DfE’s mastery funding, a host of mastery events to support your school’s teaching and learning, and an impact study to show that mastery really makes a difference.

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Discover the impact of mastery

See how mastery can significantly benefit UK schools

Whether your school is entitled to funding, or not, Oxford is here to support you on your mastery journey

Maths mastery with Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths

The only mastery textbook programme proven to raise standards in the UK



Built on mastery principles, with concrete apparatus and imagery to embed deep understanding

Teaching for Mastery Guide

Teaching for Mastery

Developed with the NCETM and Maths Hubs to support assessment for mastery in Years 1 to 6