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Mastery of Mathematics

Find out more about the world-leading pedagogy

Mastery of Mathematics

Find out more about the world-leading pedagogy

The ‘mastery’ approach is a teaching methodology that builds children's conceptual understanding, language and communication. It has been hugely successful in Singapore, the world leader in maths pedagogy.

£41 million of mastery funding

The Government has announced that 8,000 primary schools in England will receive £41 million over four years to support ‘maths mastery’. The programme will be led by maths hubs – 35 school-led centres of excellence in maths teaching.

A list of textbooks that meet the required criteria will be announced shortly. Participant schools will be able to receive funding towards textbooks purchased from this list. We are hopeful that Inspire Maths will be on this list as it is the only mastery textbook programme in the UK proven to improve pupil progress.

For more information about DfE funding for purchasing maths textbooks for mastery, visit the Maths Hubs website.

Essential support for Mastery of Mathematics

Mastering Mathematics

An invaluable PD handbook which explores how a mastery approach can transform maths teaching and learning

Mastery of mathematics

Teaching for Mastery sample

Sample pages from Year 4. Download full assessment support for mastery in Years 1-6 on

Achieve in mathematics with Helen Drury

Help every child succeed in maths with Dr. Helen Drury

Making a difference to maths achievement for every child.

Primary Teacher Update Guide to Mastering Mathematics

Browse the Primary Teacher Update Guide to ensuring mastery of mathematics for every child

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Improve progress with Inspire Maths

Find out about Oxford University research showing significant pupil progress with this mastery textbook programme

Inspire Maths, mastery and the Singapore approach

Mastery with Inspire Maths

A transformational, whole-school programme built on the internationally acclaimed Singapore Maths approach

Mastery of maths with Numicon

Mastery with Numicon

A proven approach for teaching maths loved by teachers and children

Mastery of mathematics with MyMaths

Mastery with MyMaths

Bring maths alive with a fully interactive, online tool for school and home

Register free to get school improvement support on Oxford Owl

Get free support

Find resources to support you with maths mastery on Oxford Owl

Achieve in mathematics with Helen Drury

Watch PD videos

Watch videos from Helen Drury & more on Oxford Owl

Pathways Mastery of Mathematics

School improvement support

Find out more about the Using Mastery in Maths Pathway