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Developing essential skills for those early years.

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In the recent School Ready report, published by the NAHT and the Family and Childcare Trust, 97% of the 780 respondents said that speech, language and communication issues were a significant problem for school readiness. In addition, 39% indicated that literacy and maths were causing concern for children.
With the right resources and professional development to help develop essential skills, you can make all your children school ready and boost their confidence.

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Early Learners Blog

Experts share their knowledge of teaching early learners and offer fun activities to try at home or in nursery

Oxford Owl

Direct parents to Oxford Owl 'for home' to support their children in early development

Resources for early learners

Numicon Firm Foundations image

Numicon Firm Foundations

Equip 3–5 year-olds with a deep understanding of numbers through structured and explorative activities

Read Write Inc. Nursery Image

Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery

Resources to help early years and nursery staff to ensure every child learns to read confidently, right from the start.

Nuffield Early Language image

Nuffield Early Language Intervention

Proven to improve children's oral language skills and support reading comprehension (Foundation-Reception)

Full curriculum

Oxford International Curriculum

Oxford International Curriculum: Early Years

Early Years Curriculum Guide

The Oxford International Curriculum for Early Years is designed to nurture young children’s curiosity and love of learning, while helping them develop the good social skills, independence and resilience they will need for future academic, personal and career success.

Learning at home

Early Years activity ideas for parents

Tips for parents

Find activity ideas and advice for parents on Oxford Owl for Home.

Big Words for Little People

Big Words for Little People

Empowering words that help children to express their emotions.

All Aboard

All Aboard

Hop on board for a first class learning journey!

First Experiences

First Experiences with Biff, Chip and Kipper

Prepare and reassure children facing new situations in a fun and sensitive way

Progress with Oxford

Progress with Oxford

Fun activity book to introduce 3-4 year olds to letters!

Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc.

A specially developed kit to introduce your child to phonics and support their first steps in learning to read and write

Resources for Early Years settings

Oxford International Early Years resources

Oxford International Early Years

An Early Years play-based learning programme to fully prepare children for primary education

Nuffiled Early Language Intervention

Nuffield Early Language Intervention

Improves children’s oral language skills and supports reading comprehension

Early Years Numicon

Numicon For Early Years Maths

Build a secure future in mathematics for every child with Numicon

Read Write Inc. Early Years resources

Read Write Inc. Phonics for Nursery

Give pre-school children a head start in reading

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