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Decodable readers

Fully decodable readers aligned to Letters and Sounds to ensure early reading success

We understand the importance of children practising early reading skills using books closely matched to their phonic knowledge and evidence of pupil progress.

Created by experts, our range of decodable books are aligned to the Letters and Sounds framework and are finely levelled to build children's reading confidence and success. 

If your school is part of the English Hubs initiative you are eligible for up to 30% discount on of our phonics resources*. Contact your local Educational Consultant below to redeem on your order.

*minimum order value applies

Online support for reading

Online support for reading

There’s something to encourage every child with their reading with our digital resources. Take a look at our brand-new online support.

Decodable readers aligned to Letters and Sounds sets

Curriculum Chart

How does Oxford support Letters and Sounds?

This chart explains the systematic way Oxford Primary resources help to build reading progress through phonics.

Word Sparks

104 Fiction and Non-fiction titles with ambitious vocabulary used to tackle the word gap and special partner texts to enhance home school links. For Reception - Year 2 (P1-P3).

Hero Academy

Hero Academy

Fully decodable and finely levelled stories aligned to the Letters and Sounds framework, Hero Academy introduces the world of superheroes to young readers to turn them into reading superheroes. For Reception - Year 2 (P1-P3).

Project X Alien Adventures phonics resources

Project X Alien Adventures

Fully decodable and finely levelled stories to match the Letters and Sounds framework, based around exciting space adventures to engage boys and ignite a love of reading. For children in Reception - Year 6 (P1-7).

Project X Phonics

Project X Phonics

'Pick up and go' decodable readers matched to Letters and Sounds with inbuilt teaching notes to ensure consistent phonics practice for Reception-Year 1 (P1-P2) children.

Decodable readers aligned to Letters and Sounds phrases

Curriculum Chart

How does Floppy's Phonics support Letters and Sounds?

This chart explains the systematic way Floppy's Phonics builds reading progress through each phase of Letters and Sounds matching each book to each phase.

Floppy's Phonics Fiction and Non Fiction

Floppy's Phonics Fiction

Complementary to Floppy's Phonics Teaching Programme, these decodable readers are aligned to Letters and Sounds phases, based around fun character stories.

Traditional Tales

Traditional tales that help to consolidate children’s learning at the end of a Phase of phonics teaching

Read Write Inc.

Decodable readers from Read Write Inc

A wide selection of decodable readers to support children's Read Write Inc. Phonics classroom learning, including sound blending books, black and white Storybooks, and fiction and non-fiction Book Bag Books.

Free phonics reading review

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For bespoke guidance on which phonics programme is best for your school, contact your Local Educational Consultant for a reading review: a complementary review of your existing resources for advice of any resourcing gaps and how to fill them. Please quote ‘phonics’ in the summary in the what you’d like to discuss section

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