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Advice and resources for monitoring progress and preparing for tests

We’re here to help your school record, report and track attainment and progress. Our resources include whole-school solutions to reading and writing assessment, SATs revision and practice tests, tools to benchmark pupil data, as well as built in assessments in all of our key resources.

Advice and Guidance on Progress and SATs Skills

Tracking Reader Progress

Tracking reader progress

Match children to books that will progressively develop their reading skills at every step of their reading journey.

Preparing for National Tests

Preparing for National Tests

Visit our SATs preparation website to find advice and resources for maths and literacy.

Daisy Christodoulou

Guidance on using assessment effectively

Read Daisy Christodoulou’s practical book on formative assessment.

Progress and SATs Test Resources

Oxford National Curriculum Tests

Oxford National Curriculum Tests

SATs-style tests with online analysis and reporting to inform teaching and learning.

Oxford Primary English Assessment

Oxford Primary English Assessment

Progress trackers for reading and writing.


Test of Basic Arithmetic and Numeracy Skills

8 simple timed tests to assess children's fluency in numbers using standardised scores.

BOND SATs Skills

SATs workbooks to build test skills - perfect for extra practice in school or at home.

Book an Appointment

Book an appointment with a rep

Face-to-face advice

Book an appointment with your Local Educational Consultant for bespoke guidance on the most suitable assessment resources for your school.