Ruth Miskin

When I was the Head Teacher of a primary school, I saw my key role as making sure that every child learnt to read and write fast.

Ruth Miskin CBE has been an adviser to the government on many aspects of literacy teaching since 1997, from the early stages of the National Literacy Strategy’s Rose Review into the teaching of reading, the National Curriculum Review Committee and Lord Bew’s SATs Review Committee.

As one of the UK’s leading authorities on teaching reading, Ruth has many years’ experience as a Head Teacher, teacher trainer and consultant in phonics and literacy, working with primary and secondary schools throughout the UK.

Her belief that every child can, and must, learn to read is at the heart of Read Write Inc.

Ruth believes that the more quickly children learn to read, the more they want to read and the more they understand; and the less they struggle with spelling, the more capacity they have for writing what they want to say.

Ruth has developed Read Write Inc. directly out of her teaching experience and it is deeply rooted in the best classroom practice of what actually works for every child.

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Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc.

Raising standards in literacy for every child

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Phonics: Choice, quality and expertise

Phonics: Choice, quality and expertise

Whatever your school’s phonics needs, we have the solution

Professional Development

Assessment and Groupings for Speedy Progress (Video)

Assessment and Groupings for Speedy Progress (Video)

Ruth Miskin explains how grouping children in terms of ability can lead to more focused teaching and faster progress of learners.

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Showing 1-3 of 3 results