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Richard Dunne

Richard Dunne

Raising maths achievement through a whole school approach

Richard Dunne’s approach to mathematics engages learners through the systematic use of concrete objects, actions and language to make the abstract, symbolic language of mathematics accessible and enjoyable. Richard developed Maths Makes Sense.

Richard was renowned for his work on effective mathematics teaching and learning across the age range. As teacher, author and consultant, he devoted his professional life to designing ways of teaching that systematically build learners' understanding and enable them to make meaningful connections, supporting higher level thinking.

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Professional Development

Teach the Maths First and then Apply to the Real World (Video)

Find out about how effective maths teaching involves teaching children real maths from the start, before applying to real world situations.

1 min 8 seconds

Handout (PDF)

Professional Development

Meet Richard Dunne (Video)

Richard Dunne introduces himself and talks about what first got him interested in teaching maths.

1 min 15 seconds

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