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Lynn Churchman

Lynn Churchman

Lynn Churchman

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Lynn Churchman has been Specialist Subject HMI for mathematics with Ofsted and Manager of the mathematics team at QCA, responsible for the primary mathematics curriculum and test development. She is passionate about mathematics and the capacity of primary pupils to learn it successfully.

Lynn dedicates her time to working with schools on raising achievement in mathematics and primary school improvement through mathematics and has been awarded an OBE for services to mathematics and numeracy education. She is also the series editor for the 'Problem-solving' and 'Number & Calculation' school-improvement Pathways on Oxford Owl.

Lynn Churchman shares ideas on success in mathematics

Providing a Challenging and Engaging Curriculum (video)

Lynn Churchman discusses how to provide a mathematics curriculum that develops confident, successful and motivated learners.

4 min 33 seconds

A Culture of Successful Achievement for all in Mathematics (video)

Lynn Churchman discusses the keys to high achievement in mathematics for all learners.

3 min 49 seconds

A Number-rich Environment (video)

Lynn Churchman discusses how creating a visually rich mathematics environment helps children to learn how useful numbers are in daily life.

3 min 6 seconds

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