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Lindsay Pickton

Lindsay Pickton

It's important to give children the opportunity to surprise you with what they understand.

An experienced Teaching and Learning Advisor specialising in Primary Literacy, Lindsay Pickton has supported schools by shaping policies for teaching, leaning and assessment; leading Literacy Leaders' Networks; and by advising on whole-school reviews. He leads inspiring and practical training for all aspects of English teaching, from guided reading to drama and reading for pleasure. 

Lindsay Pickton is particularly passionate about improving children's enjoyment of reading. He has worked closely with the charity Reading Matters to improve awareness of the role reading for pleasure often plays in defining children's life chances.

Lindsay provides training using the whole-school reading and writing programme, Project X, to demonstrate how effective guided reading can improve children's comprehension - and therewith their overall engagement and enjoyment.

Discover your essential support for guided reading

Getting the most from guided reading (video)

Lindsay Pickton explores monitoring and managing guided reading effectively

3 min 5 seconds

Guided Reading Training

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Hear Lindsay Pickton share best practice for effective guided reading using Project X Origins to meet the higher standards of the 2014 curriculum.

Organising guided reading groups

How to group your class for effective guided reading

Case study (video)

Hear how Project X Origins has transformed guided reading at Linden Primary in Gloucestershire.

Guided reading tips

Lindsay Pickton's top tips for effective guided reading

Read the latest educational research

Guided Reading Report (PDF)

Download this free report about the importance of guided reading in the National Curriculum 2014

Guidance for guided reading (PDF)

Download this free report about the role of guided reading in building an outstanding reading school

The Features of Good Guided Reading (video)

Nikki Gamble explores ways to get the most out of guided reading.

8 min 9 seconds

Developing high-quality talk (video)

Nikki Gamble shares her top tips for improving questioning in guided reading.

8 min 24 seconds

Developing comprehension (video)

Nikki Gamble on the key strategies for developing children's comprehension skills.

7 min 33 seconds

Raise standards quickly with effective guided reading resources

Project X Origins

Project X Origins is a whole-school programme which gives you everything you need to deliver high-quality guided reading - raising reading standards for all. Find out more by booking your place at a free event.

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Read the latest educational research

Guided Reading Report (PDF)

Download this free report about the importance of guided reading in the National Curriculum 2014

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Find resources to support you with guided reading on Oxford Owl

Nikki Gamble

Watch PD videos

Watch videos from Nikki Gamble & more on Oxford Owl

School improvement support

Find out more about the Guided Reading Pathway

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Project X Origins

Project X Origins

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Guided reading

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