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David Mitchell

David Mitchell

David Mitchell is a former Head Teacher and freelance consultant, and previously the Deputy Head Teacher at Heathfield Primary School in Bolton. He introduced blogging to Heathfield Primary School in December 2009. Heathfield Primary School received the Toshiba ICT Redesign Award and David has been awarded a Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award, along with the NAACE ICT Impact Award in Primary Education.

David is well-known on Twitter and for the success of blogging in his school. In one year, the number of children at Heathfield Primary School achieving Level 5 in writing increased from 9% to 60%.

David Mitchell shares ideas on tablets and apps

Using Tablets to Make an Impact in the Classroom (video)

David Mitchell explains the impact of technology at his school and gives you three top app recommendations.

5 mins 37 seconds

Tablets in Action (video)

See tablets and apps in action as David Mitchell shows us a writing lesson in his school.

2 mins 30 seconds

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