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Ideas and resources to boost vocabulary and word confidence in your Primary School

Language Boosting Resources for Primary School

Ideas and resources to boost vocabulary and word confidence in your Primary School

Ideas to close the Word Gap

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Closing the Word Gap at Home

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl for Home

Find advice and support for parents and carers to help close the word gap at home.

Early years and primary language resources

Word Sparks

We’ve combined 300 ambitious words to help children succeed in school with fully-decodable books that help you match your phonics teaching and reading practice, while inspiring and engaging your young readers.

Project X Comprehension Express

Project X Comprehension Express

Comprehension Express and the new Catch-Up Tutoring Packs, help pupils in Years 4-6 (P5-7) meet expected standards in reading comprehension quickly. Challenge words and expanding vocabulary are a feature of every Comprehension Express and Catch-Up Tutoring lesson.

Nuffield Early Language Intervention

Address the word gap right at the very start with this 20-week programme for children in their first year of primary school who show weakness in their oral language skills

Oxford Owl eBook Library

Oxford Owl eBook Library

Choose from three options to suit the needs of your school - whole-school, infant-only, or junior-only - and upgrade your free eBook Library giving you a total of up to 550 eBooks!

Read Write Inc. Phonics

Developed by Ruth Miskin, Read Write Inc. provides a whole-school approach to teaching literacy that ensures consistency across a child's primary years.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is packed with the tools and expert advice you need for monitoring progress and motivating your children

PX Code

Proven reading intervention for children in Years 2–4 who are a year or more behind in their word reading

Oxford Children's Dictionaries

Encourage a love of words and language with our range of dictionaries, thesauruses and free online resources specially compiled to meet the demands of the school curriculum



This concrete-pictorial-abstract approach encourages children to explore maths using structured imagery and apparatus in order to understand and explain mathematical concepts.