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Oxford Children's Language - The home of children's language and literacy

Oxford Children’s Language

The home of children’s language and literacy

The Oxford Language Report 2020

Research and advice by educators, for educators

Oxford Children's Language conducts research, shares insights, and supports teachers with advancing students' language and literacy development.

Language is at the heart of education, and we are committed to understanding and closing the Word Gap and ensuring young people have all the words they need to thrive at home, in school, and beyond.

Join us as a Word Gap Partner School, and commit to closing the Word Gap.

Our promises

Oxford Children's Language Corpus

The Oxford Children's Language Corpus is the biggest living database of children's reading and writing in English. This unique insight into the words children write and read, allows us to:

  • Track the development of new vocabulary and the fascinating and creative use of words by children
  • Understand the language children need to acquire at each step of their education and how to support them in doing that
  • Support teachers and educators with the very best publishing and resources, informed by this insight

Experts and Partners

Experts and partners

Our Experts

We partner with leading experts to further our collective understanding of children's language and share insights, advice and practical classroom support to help the education community in developing the language and literacy skills of our young people.

Our Research

Oxford Language Report 2020

Bridging the Word Gap at Transition: The Oxford Language Report 2020

Detailing the impact of a language gap when moving from Primary to Secondary school and the effects of school shutdowns on vocabulary.

Oxford Language Report 2018

Why closing the Word Gap Matters: Oxford Language Report 2018

Understanding the impact of a Word Gap on young people in education and beyond.

Classroom support for primary schools

Primary school children reading

Classroom support for secondary schools

Secondary School children reading

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