Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary free resources

9780192736451These activity sheets are to accompany the gloriumptious Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary, a brand new dictionary of real and invented words used by the World’s No.1 Storyteller. It takes readers on a phizz-whizzing, splendiferous, fantabulous journey deep into the language of Roald Dahl’s bestselling children’s stories. This is a dictionary which will develop language and literacy skills by igniting the creativity in all readers and writers everywhere..

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Snitchy Challenge (easy)


  • Alphabetical order - Gungswizzled up
  • Homophones - Don't be Biffsquiggled!
  • Prefixes and suffixes - Gobblefunking with words
  • Ringbelling Rhymes
  • Spoonerisms and Squiggly words!
  • Synonyms - Sparky synonyms

Challenge (intermediate)


  • Extra-Usual Word Quiz
  • Odd Word Out
  • Gobblefunk around the world
  • Your Own Extra- Usual Word
  • GIANT Word Search

Jumpsquiffling Challenge (more difficult)


  • More Extra-Usual Words
  • As Splendid as a Simile
  • Mystery Gobblefunk
  • All back-to-front


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