Rachel Riley

The Rachel Riley Diaries

Written by Joanna Nadin

Laugh-out-loud funny from beginning to endwelcome to the tragically normal life of Rachel Riley

  • Perfect for fans of Louise Rennison
  • Hilarious and realistic teenage voice
  • Unforgettable character-everyone will be rooting for Rachel and will see a bit of themselves in her!
  • Joanna Nadin has been shortlisted for the Queen of Teen Award three times and also shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize
  • eBooks available
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Series contains:

  • 7 diaries that will have all teen girls in stitches
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  • ‘it takes talent to turn a dull, uneventful childhood into comic material and Nadin had pulled it off’


  • ‘Nadin achieves the rare trick of producing a book that will make both adults and teenagers laugh aloud’


  • ‘The deepest desires and greatest fantasies of a teenager are hilariously recorded in this no-holds-barred diary. Can the author find the boy of his dreams? Her search will make parents and teenagers laugh out loud’


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The Rachel Riley Diaries