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Written by Andy Briggs

Written by Andy Briggs

  • A group of teenagers get to choose whether to be heroes or villains . . . And their choice could mean the end of the world
  • A brilliant series and anti-series. Which side are you on?
  • 'Original, imaginative and exciting! Who could ask for anything more?' Stan Lee, creator of Spiderman and X-Men
  • Perfect for ordinary mortals who secretly desire to be superheroes and supervillains who want to know how to take over the world
  • eBooks available
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Series contains:

  • 4 Hero.Com books
  • 4 Villain.Net books


  • ‘It's a wonder!’

    Wonder Woman

  • ‘Grrreat! Grrripping!’


  • ‘I was so engrossed in this fantastic novel that I put my underpants on before my tights.’


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